Check Out the Toy Story Mania Site!

I don’t know if you know yet or not, but I am not only a Disney geek.  I am also partially a computer geek, too.  And that’s why I’m posting this…because I found the Toy Story Mania! Website this afternoon, and thought it was really good.  The targets in the background that you can actually shoot with your mouse were a nice touch, weren’t they?  Now this may sound really wierd, but I also really liked the music they play (You’ve Got a Friend in Me).  If you actually listen to it, it’s a very good version of it.  If you actually want to see the page (if you haven’t already) just go to, and click Enter.  Now if you’re like me, you have to click on everything on the page.  I clicked on all the targets, the view-master, the Vacation Planning DVD (even though I already have one), and the video camera to watch Imagineer Tony Fitzgerald explain the storyline.  Once again, very nice graphics, animations, ect. on the site.  Now you’re thinking, “I’ve waisted one minute reading this thing?”  Well, yes.  There really is no exciting Disney news, and after all, it is my site, isn’t it?