In the Spotlight – Soarin’

Welcome to the second edition of In the Spotlight!  This one is all about Soarin’ at Epcot. Enjoy!
  • The entire experience, including the pre-show and ride, is about 10 minutes
  • The actual ride is only about 5 minutes
  • Each ride cycle can hold up to 87 guests
  • The ride system idea came from Imagineer Mark Sumner, while he was experimenting with his old erector set
  • The projection screen is 80 feet in diameter
  • Scents are blown out by a fan to make it seem like they are in the air
  • Scents include orange blossoms, pine trees, and ocean spray
  • The film uses IMAX projection systems, and high definition projectors
  • The attraction’s score, was written by composer Jerry Goldsmith
  • A Hidden Mickey can be found on the golf ball that is hit almost directly at guests
  • The last scene is in the Disneyland Resort in California

Rating: 5/5