Cool New Graphics and Header. Enjoy!

We’ve made some minor changes in the sidebar and header.  The sidebar includes links that you might actually use.  Stuff like WDW News RSS Feed, a Comments Feed, a descriptive page that explains this blog better.  Here’s what’s new:

newspaper_feed_128x128.pngGet your dose of Disney.

In the sidebar, there is a link to the RSS Feed of our homepage news.  You can even subscribe to the feed for more convience.  Most people can figure this out, but if you’re using Mozilla Firefox, just click the “Subscribe Now” button at the top of the page.  I hope this will make it more convenient to view the latest news at Walt Disney World.

There is also a link to the comments feed (which you can also subscribe to).  It’s a feed of all the comments on every post.  This is basically all that has been done…

Your Help is Needed:

If you could comment on this post, it would be much appriciated!  Do you like the new sidebar?  Why not?  Stuff like that can come in handy…

Also: I need to think of something “different” to do on this blog.  As you know, WordPress can have “pages”, just like a website.  I need something different to do about Walt Disney World…maybe articles?  Tips?  Anything?  If you’re creative (I’m sure not), you’re help would be great.  Just give anything you’ve got…suggestions, comments, complaints, anything.

Thanks for reading,