New Pictures of the Mr. Potato Head Boardwalk Barker Anamatronic Getting Final Touches

Here are a few pictures of the “Mr. Potato Head Boardwalk Barker” anamatronic being programmed and having final touches made. This interactive anamatronic will be one of the main highlights of the new attraction opening this summer, Toy Story Mania!. Passholder previews will be May 10-12, 2008. The attraction should officially open “Late May”, according to the Walt Disney Company.

Click the picture to enlarge, then click it again to make it as large as it gets.

The first picture shows Walt Disney Imagineering’s Eric Swapp making final touches on the audio-anamatronic character. The second shows John Cutry, WDI’s Principal Show Animator programming the Mr. Potato Head anamatronic, with Eric Swapp making more adjustments.