Trip Photos: Day Trip to Epcot

Yesterday (Saturday), we took a day trip to Disney World – Epcot, to be more specific. I have a few pictures I would like to share. As you may or may not know, Epcot is having it’s annual Flower and Garden Festival (which would be great, if I didn’t have allergies). My family and I decided to take a trip down to Epcot, eat, and come back at night (ah, the wonders of living in Jacksonville).

There are few pictures, and they are mostly of the outside of the rides. I got a lot of Spaceship Earth (exterior). Keep in mind it was extremely crowded there, so some pictures look weird because I was trying to avoid people. Click on the picture to enlarge, the click again to make it huge. Enjoy!

I have been really busy these weeks…sorry for the “newslesss” period. I am working on the sidebar, so hang in there! Thanks!