In the Spotlight: Expedition Everest

Welcome to another post of “In the Spotlight”. Today, we take a look at some fun facts about Expedition Everest, located in Asia at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

  • Expedition Everest contains 2 encounters with the mysterious Yeti.
  • Expedition Everest has one drop, 80 feet in length.
  • The train reaches 120 feet high.
  • The train goes forwards and backwards.
  • To get a more intense experience, ride in the back car.
  • You must me 42″ or taller to ride Expedition Everest.
  • The ride vehicles carry 34 passengers per train.
  • The maximum speed in Expedition Everest is 50 mph.
  • Expedition Everest is the largest ride in WDW.
  • Expedition Everest cost $100 Million (USD) to build.
  • Expedition Everest is composed of three “structures”.
  • The anamatronic Yeti is so big, it’s on its own structure.

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