Fresh Logo. Fresh Sidebar. Fresh Content.

Welcome to WDW Central, and thanks for stopping by!  There’s some new stuff happening here – some of it’s minor and some of it’s not.  Either way, I’m going to let you know about everything that’s going on, so let’s get started.

Fresh Logo. Sure, the old logo is great, but I thought it was time to freshen things up with some brighter colors and better fonts, while not straying to far from the original.  I hope the new logo freshens up the place.  Are you tired of that word yet?

Fresh Sidebar. The sidebar has a long story.  A couple of months ago, I got great icons on the sidebar, and was very satisfied.  I wanted to change one word in the “About” description – so I went in, changed it, and hit okay.  Or so I thought.  It turns out, I accidentally hit “Remove”, and it deleted all that hard work.  The sidebar has never been redone since.  I finally redid it, and everything is okay.  Enjoy the design!

Fresh Content. I have also been working hard for all new content here at WDW Central.  I’m now finished (with some of it) and I’m making it public.  Introducing the Parks and Games section of the site!  The Parks section will give a brief overview of each theme park for newcomers, with the top three attractions for each park.  The Games section is small now, but will hopefully continue to grow.

Your comments are appreciated!  Don’t like the sidebar?  Think I should reword something in the parks section?  Let me know by commenting on this post or simply by contacting me!