Disney Now Enforcing Fastpass Policys

Disney is upset that people have been selling expired Fastpasses on eBay. Ebay is refusing to do anything about this even after Disney contacted them. The sellers are saying Disney does not enforce the Fastpass rules, which state that expired Fastpasses will not be accepted at any attractions.

Disney is now stamping “Not for Sale”, “Valid Only on Date Printed”, and “Nontransferrable” on all Fastpasses. Attraction attendants are being instructed to not accept any Fastpasses stamped with the wrong date.

Boy, it’s about time Disney got a little stricter with these Fastpasses. I’m glad they are going to look at the date – but I have one problem. I have been told by some Disney cast members that you ARE allowed to use expired Fastpasses. So clearly, some cast members don’t know the rules, or Disney wasn’t pushing them enough.