Link Away: This Day in Disney History

I’m going in order of the comments I received from the first Link Away post, and today we have a very informative and fun website: This Day in Disney History!  It’s hard for me to describe sites, so I’ll just take it straight from their website:

“This unique and ever evolving website first made its debut on October 1, 1999. Since then, This Day in Disney History has become a favorite stop for many web surfers. (As far as we know, it is the web’s first informative day-by-day resource for Disney history.) The site attempts to cover every aspect of Disney history from theme park milestones, movie & video releases, Broadway stage shows, and television programs to Walt’s life & the lives of those who have taken part in his organization (such as animators, writers, actors, publishers, theme park developers, Cast Members and all Disney Legends).”

There you have it!  Check out TDIDH for yourself today!