Why is Disney World So Great? Part One

Excellent Cast Members

Nothing compares to Disney – that’s kind of the point of all these articles!  But one of the main reasons (if not the biggest) Disney is such an enjoyable place to vacation is because of their excellent cast members.  While Disney is strict with cast members (such as keeping the “Disney look”), they still keep cast members happy – after all, who wouldn’t want to work in Walt Disney World?  When you’re cast members are happy, they do a good job.

Disney cast members do more than just serve their guests; they serve their guests with a good attitude.  You can tell most Disney cast members are happy to be there.  Now lets compare Disney’s exceptional cast members with Universal Studios’ employees.  I have only been to Universal Studios once, and that is probably the last time.  Their employees don’t even compare with Disney’s cast members!

For example, I was going to E.T. Adventure, there was a long line waiting to give an employee their name.  I looked around, and there was NO employee to be found!  After about 2-3 minutes, an employee came out of a break room (still eating potato chips!) to start working.  He was extremely sloppy – and I know for a fact that if a Disney cast member did something like that (and Disney found out – which I’m sure they would), they’d be gone in a second.  Let me put it this way: I think Universal’s employees are the kind of employees you would expect to see working at McDonald’s or Burger King.  Disney cast members are just different – they have quality that lacks in many other companies.

Don’t get me wrong here, I have seen quite a few “dud” Disney Cast members.  Some have been in a hurry, rude, or don’t know what they’re talking about.  Yes, there are some like this – but the majority are very helpful and kind to guests.

Universal’s employees played a part my decision never to go back; Disney cast members played a part in my decision to keep coming back.  That’s the difference.  The DISNEY difference.