Restaurants for Teens in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park

We’ll look at the restaurants at Disney’s Hollywood Studios* in this installment of Walt Disney World Resort dining for teens.   This WDW theme park has some great thrill rides and action based shows that tend to really appeal to older kids and teens.  The show schedule can make dining a bit of challenge though – you need to schedule your reservations so that you get in the afternoon shows like Lights, Motors, Action! (which currently only has two shows per day) but also early enough that you can line up to see Fantasmic! in the evening.  Scheduling a sit-down lunch reservation can make it nearly impossible to catch all the shows so try for an early dinner, if possible.

‘50’s Primetime Café  ~ Classic comfort food served in a 1950’s style diner setting where  TV’s play 1950’s television shows. The food is okay but fun comes from the waitresses who can best be described as bossy!  If you go to the restroom, your server might just quiz you on the color of the soap just to “be sure you washed your hands”.   You might get spoon-fed your veggies.  The experience will be affected by the enthusiasm of your server but, in general, you’re bound to have a good time.

Lunch with an Imagineer ~ “Imagineers” are the men and women who innovate and invent all the wonders you see around you at Walt Disney World.  This is an expensive experience that is easily worth every penny; especially if you have a youth that is interested in the how the theme parks were designed and created.  You’ll dine at the Hollywood Brown Derby and receive a special souvenir to commemorate the experience.  This is only available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:30 am and can be booked 60 days prior to the desired reservation.  $60.99 Ages 10 & Up / $34.99 for ages 3 – 9.  Gratuity & tax are extra.

Mama Melrose ~ This restaurant doesn’t feature an amazing theme, it is just a nice choice for a good Italian-inspired meal.  This is the restaurant we prefer for the Fantasmic! Dining Package, which is a plan that provides a voucher for guaranteed seating at the evening Fantasmic! show – the other two restaurants in this program are Hollywood & Vine (buffet) and The Brown Derby (upscale dining). The setting at Mama Melrose is fairly quiet and is a nice spot for a restful meal.  TIP: The Fantasmic Dinner Package will be increasingly advantageous beginning in January 2009 when Fantasmic! will only be offered two evenings per week.

Sci-Fi Dine In ~ This is another restaurant with okay food but a super theme!  Your table is shaped like a classic car and the tables all face a giant screen.  The whole restaurant resembles a Drive-In Movie theater.  The screen shows clips and previews from classic B-Movies: old, hokey Science Fiction films and “creature features” like “Plan 9 from Outer Space”.  There’s nothing scary – it is just great fun.   Some people are surprised that the restaurant is so dark and by the fact that all seats (2 people to a row) sit facing forward.  This is a favorite of my family.

Check back soon for tips on dining at Epcot with older kids and teens!

*Prior to January 2008, Disney’s Hollywood Studios was known as Disney-MGM Studios.

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