All it Takes is Some Pixie Dust

On your next trip to Disney World, you’ll probably stop by the Magic Kingdom. When you go to the Magic Kingdom, you’ll meander down Mainstreet, gallop through Frontierland, moon walk through Tomorrowland, fantasize through Fantasyland, and stride through Liberty Square. What you might not do is pop into Toon Town. However, Walt Disney World has thought of this and created a new meet and greet area to drive more attendance into the lesser visited hub of the park: Pixie Hollow.

In Mickey’s Toontown Fair, a part of the Hall of Fame tent has been created into Pixie Hollow, the home of Tinkerbell-the fairy of tinkering-and her friends Silvermist-the fairy of water, Rosetta-the fairy of plants, Fawn-the fairy of animals, and Iridessa-the fairy of light. As you meander through the hallway to the fairies’ playroom, you’ll be shrunk down to their size so that you can communicate with them more easily.