Where are those Comments?!

Hey guys, I am just posting to make sure at least someone is still here reading WDW Central!  You’re starting to scare me!  Believe me, I want to hear what you’re thinking, even if it’s bad.  So I’m dedicating this post for all those thoughts you have on the site.  Let it all out.  I want EVERYONE reading this blog – even if it’s your first time – to leave a comment here and give me your feedback.  I can’t improve the site if I don’t know what people don’t like about it!

I know this is a huge step, but I am doing it to make improvements on the blog.  If there’s a series you don’t like/want, tell us!  Once again, I’m asking that EVERYONE reading this blog give your thoughts and feedback on this post here.  If no one comments, then I’ll feel really embarrassed, and probably delete the post.  Just double checking to make sure there’s still someone interested…your comment will be greatly appreciated! Be harsh. Tell me what you really think.