Tower of Terror Woman Shares Her Side of Story

Remember that woman who is suing Disney because they said she could not ride the Tower of Terror anymore? Well she just commented on the post giving that news story, sharing with us her side of the story!  Here’s what she said:

“Hello people, I am the woman who is sueing Disney. I’m sorry for long post here but for those of you who want the facts, please read.
First of all, let me clear up some misgiven information. I do not hold a prescription to ride the ride, the letter from my Doctor was sent to Disney’s exct. office explaining simply how the ride helps me, but by no means is it a prescription. It was sent to disney after the original issue of why the card was revoked in the first place and it was sent only to help Disney to try to understand HOW the ride helps.  As for if I had forgotten my GAC card that day, no I did not, the manager refused to even look at it. The card had just been renewed on 6-28-08 through 9-28-08. After the man from guest services practically accused me of writting on the card, he then went and looked in the computer under my guest service file and saw it was posted that way and that I forged nothing, he revoked the card with no explainion of why!  When I tried to find out why and what did I have to do to get it reinstated, that was when everything went down hill.

Disney chose to eject me under the grounds that I used profanity, because they couldn’t think of any other way to get rid of me.

I have been doing this at Disney for 4 years. 6 mos. of it under the GAC card with NO problems, so why now 1 to 2 weeks after renewing it, did they revoke it? I just wanted to know why and what did I have to do to get it reinstated!  Also, when the head of security told me to leave, I did. It wasn’t until I was at the exit, exiting the park when the head of security told Orange County Sher. Dept. to Tresspass me. By doing so, he was brutal about his methods of handling me. I was in FULL compliance with EVERYTHING Disney was asking of me.

I am not a trouble maker or a foul mouth person.

As for Disney being a family place, in the years I’ve been going there I’ve seen more drunks using profanity and cast members as well. This was nothing more then an excuse for Disney to sweep their mistake under the rug so to speak!!  Because I told them I was going to contact the Vice Pres. and tell them what was going on, it was right after that, that I was ejected.

As for if the ride really helps someone with my condition, YES it does, tremendously!! Until you ride the ride with this condition, you won’t really know!  It’s the G-Forces in both directions that does it!

Bellow is my website, for those who want to REALLY know what adhesions really look like and how it pulls your organs out of place. But for those who have a weak stomach I advise you to not see the photos since they are ACTUAL surgical pictures from my MANY surgeries.

I do hope to resolve this issue soon because I want nothing more then to return to the Tower, I truly do miss being there and I miss the ppl as well.  Well thats it, kinda in a nut shell.  I wish you all the very best.”

Thanks for sharing your side of the story and we all hope everything works out fine for you!