The Windows on Main Street: Sharon Lund

sharon-lundThis time on Main Street, we look to another one of Walt’s children: Sharon Lund-his only daughter. Bear with me as there is not much information on the internet about the Lunds. They’ve stayed, for the most part, out of the public eye.

William and Sharon Lund Gallery
Exhibiting Only Authentic Works of Art
Genuine Antiques
Selected by Victoria, Bradford & Michelle

On December 21, 1936 (the winter solstice), Sharon Mae was born. To whom, no one really knows (the Disney’s tried to keep it a secret from the press), but she was adopted by Walter and Lillian Disney in January of 1937 (because Lillian had several miscarriages before and after Diane Disney‘s birth, they decided to adopt). The only people who knew of Sharon’s origins were family and friends as Walt and Lillian didn’t want her to be treated differently from Diane by the outside world.

When Sharon was 22 years old, she married Robert Borgfeldt Brown and had one daughter with him (Victoria Brown). When Brown died on September 14, 1967 (from lung cancer), Disney spent a few years mourning his death before marrying William S. Lund and having two children with him (Brad and Michelle Lund). Sharon died on February 16, 1993 from lung cancer. After her death, $11 million dollars from her trust were donated to the California School of Performing Arts which created the Sharon D. Lund School of Dance.

At age 36, Victoria died from health complications. Her trust continues to give back throug the Victoria Lund Foundation which donates to the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine’s Healthy Kids program at Arthur M. Hamilton Elementary School, the Boys and Girls Club of Phoenix and The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.

After his wife died, William has spent his time occupied with his company (W.S.L. Associates) where he works as a construction consultant (he also served as President of CalArts from 1972-1975 after being hired as a consultant for the Florida Project). 


P.S. Thank you to Lou Mongello for providing me with a picture of this window.