My [Late] Trip Report

Sorry for the delay in the trip report (I was in WDW slightly before Thanksgiving day), but better late than never, right?  There were three main events that are the highlight of my trip, so I’ll just let you in on these things that made my trip more memorable.

Monster’s Inc. Star! – That’s correct, I was a “star” in the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor!  In this particular show, they were retelling the movie Monsters Inc., giving random people in the audience a part in the story.  It seemed to get brighter all of a sudden, and I looked up and there I was on the big screen!  My part was that of Randall, the antagonist who can blend in with any of his surroundings.  They said something like “Randal could turn invisible!”, and so I covered up my face and everyone laughed…WITH me, of course.  Yes, I was a big hit and now I’m famous.  I’ll be signing autographs later on.

Fight at Toy Story Mania – This actually wasn’t a funny thing at all.  I was waiting in the [incredibly and unbearably long] line at TSMM, and looked to my right and saw this.  It wasn’t technically a “fight” (not fist fighting anyway), but it was two “grown” (notice the quotes) men pushing each other really hard.  I got the gist of how it started by listening to the two men yelling back and forth.  Apparently, one guy was trying to get to his family in line and accidentally pushed another bigger man, causing him to step on his son’s foot (not even hurting it).  After men around started yelling and breaking it up, the bigger man’s son was proud of his dad, and the other poor man’s daughter was in tears.  It wasn’t a “magical” experience, and because of things like this, I think they at least need security cameras, which they don’t (I believe).

Expedition Everest Record – My last major point wasn’t the best or most exciting, but it was worth noting.  I made my new record for riding Expedition Everest in one day (and sort of in a row), and that is now eight times.  I know it doesn’t sound like much, and I’m sure that many people have beaten me at this already, but I thought it was pretty cool.  This is where those single rider lines come in handy!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my super short trip report, and I apologize that we don’t have any pictures!  We brought the video camera this time, so that’s the explanation.  Have a great day, everyone! ºoº