Why is Disney World So Great? Part Two

The Theming

Welcome to another post of “Why is WDW So Great?”!  The last post’s reason was because of the excellent cast members.  That was probably the most important reason people enjoy the Walt Disney World Resort so much.  But obviously, there are also many other very important reasons as well – one of which we are exploring today – the theming.

Theming is an important part of any theme park and it’s attractions.  It’s something all Disney parks have, and something most others don’t.  It makes guests’ experiences much better.  Theming adds quality, which as mentioned in the previous post, Disney is full of.

Need some proof? Alright, no problem – just take a look at all the incredible rides at Disney theme parks.  These include the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Expedition Everest, and many others.  These are just a few rides in which Disney has done a good job with the theming.  Not only are the rides themselves uniquely themed, but also the queues and areas around the attraction are themed.

Now let’s compare this to Universal Studios (yes, I always have to do this).  How about E.T. Adventure again?  The E.T. ride has a very nice queue – when I first saw it, I was reminded of Disney. In fact, I actually thought the queue for E.T. was up to Disney’s standards.  It had anamatronics (even though that’s a Disney term), very nice fog, huge trees, nice lighting, and it really made you feel like you were in a foggy forest at night. But it is lacking something that many Disney attractions have – a themed atmosphere ALL around the attraction. See, you wouldn’t think E.T. would be any good ride because of the ugly, cement exterior. There is absloutely no theme there. Disney has good theming all around the attraction, which adds quality that guests can see.

Now let’s take Expedition Everest, for example. Not only is the mountain Everest (where the attraction is) uniquely themed, but also the area around it. You really feel like you’re in Asia because of the theming all around the attraction. This just makes your experience more enjoyable, and the ride more believable.

Alright, I know I’ve rambled for a bit too long now, so the question now goes to you. Do you agree with what I said? Does theming around the attraction really make a difference, or is the actual ride theming the only thing that counts? Your thoughts are welcome!