3 Best Pre-Shows at Walt Disney World

Many of the rides and attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort have pre-shows. The question remains, which pre-shows are the best? Here is where I give my opinion, while you can give your opinion as well, by leaving a comment. These are in no particular order.

  • Soarin’ – According to me, only two things are important in making a good pre-show. The show should be informational, as well as entertaining. Soarin’ does this perfectly. Our flight attendant, Patrick, played by Patrick Warburton, gives you all the safety information you need, while adding a few jokes to keep us entertained.
  • Haunted Mansion – Obviously the Haunted Mansion pre-show is entertaining, even if it’s not actually funny. It’s also somewhat informational, introducing us to our “Ghost Host”, as well as giving us an idea of what’s to come. I picked Haunted Mansion because it’s a classic, and because of its extraordinary theming and design quality.
  • Stitch’s Great Escape – Alright, so this is the worst ride ever. But I think that it has a very good – no – it has an excellent pre-show (even if that’s the only good part about it). It has a good story line, the anamatronics are great, and the effects are nice as well. Very good quality pre-show. If I could see the pre-show and leave, I would.

This was a short post, but I still want to hear your thoughts! What are your favorite pre-shows in Disney World, and why do you lke them? Leave a comment now!