In the Spotlight: Space Mountain

Welcome to another edition of In the Spotlight, where we give you basic facts and fun trivia regarding rides and attractions in the Walt Disney World Resort. Today, we outline Space Mountain, located in Tomorrowland of the Magic Kingdom.

  • Space Mountain officially opened on January 15, 1975 with the sponsor RCA.
  • In 1993, RCA dropped their sponsorship and FedEx took over in 1994, ending their sponsorship in 2004.
  • Even if it doesn’t seem like it, Space Mountain only reaches a top speed of 28 mph. This is even slower than Thunder Mountain, which reaches speeds of 30 mph!
  • The left track, Alpha, is 3,196 feet long, while the right track, Omega, is 3,186 feet long. Omega is longer due to the fact it crosses over Alpha at one point during the ride.
  • Space is known for its frequent breakdowns, which occur if guests take to long to unload. When the unloading stations get too backed up, the computers shut down the ride. This has to be manually restarted by cast members, who push the cars off the emergency brakes throughout the ride to continue.
  • The highest point of the ride track is 65 feet; the ride itself is only 2:30 minutes.
  • The ride was originally planned to be named “Space Port”.

I hope you’ve enjoyed another edition of In the Spotlight! Feel free to comment and leave your thoughts.