“In the Spotlight” Becomes “In Depth”

In 2009, my main goal (regarding the internet world, that is) was to move this blog forward. A major way to do this is to get better content, and post it more frequently. We’ve managed to pull the second one off for a few days so far, but I was still looking for a way to improve the content.

I eventually came to the conclusion to change the format of a series here, called “In the Spotlight”, that outlined basic facts about rides and attractions. “In the Spotlight” is now being called “In Depth”, where I’m take the same basic idea, but just improving on it. “In Depth” posts will feature a ride or attraction, but instead of having just a few interesting facts, there’s going to be a lot more information there – think of a way more detailed version of ITS.

Hopefully it will be a bit more helpful and interesting to everyone! Sure, it means I’ll have to actually do some more research, but it’s worth it. So now, let me know what you guys think – do you like the new idea, or would you rather keep the basic “ITS” posts?