Photo Magic: Waiting for the Parade

Welcome to another edition of Photo Magic, where we collect some of the best Walt Disney World photography from Flickr and post about it. Here we have part of Main Street U.S.A. – a shot of everyone waiting on the side for the parade to start. Here’s the description the poster tells us:

After spending a while watching burned out hippies cavalcade on Congress in various states of undress during First Night a few evenings ago, I was reminded of this photo at Disneyworld. So, I went back to process it and see if it was as idyllic as I remembered. This is Main Street with the assembled crowds, as everyone awaits the big fireworks show and Disney parade.

If this image looks especially good to you, maybe it’s because it’s an HDR (high dynamic range) image – which means it shows greater dynamic range of luminance between light and dark. Click here for the photo page, and here for the poster’s photostream!