How Disney Could Improve our Test Track Experience

Let’s face it: Test Track is a great ride, but the line is extremely long most of the day. If Disney figured out a way to shorten the lines, the ride would look better to first time visitors (and regulars as well). I got to thinking about this (just because that’s all I think about, you know) and I thought of a very simple way to shorten the lines. You may have already thought about this and might have even come to the same conclusion as me, but I’m just sharing my thoughts here.

It’s simple really: eliminate the pre-show. That might be the exact thing many of you were thinking, but I bet it would work. The pre-show waists about three minutes (my guess) of time – in that time, the people who would be watching the pre-show could already be boarding!

Now let’s go to the other side – someone might say “But the pre-show is important!” Well, I must disagree with this; the pre-show isn’t important. What does it do for guests? Okay, for first time guests it explains what the ride is all about; but do they really need a video? I think descriptions in the guide map would be enough. And think of more frequent visitors (like many of us) – I know I get really tired of watching the pre-show.

I didn’t write this post to complain about the pre-show (although it may seem like it), I just wrote it to show it’s an unnecessary part of the ride experience – and without it things would move along much quicker. What are your thoughts? Do you like the pre-show or not? Let us know your opinions!