Monthly Roundup: January

I thought I would try something a bit different here, and see how it goes. Starting now, I’m going to be posting a roundup of news, articles, and tips that have appeared on WDW Central over the past month. Here are the biggest things that were posted about in January.

  • At the beginning of the month, I outlined my three favorite pre-shows at Walt Disney World.
  • It was announced that Space Mountain would be getting a month long refurbishment, which includes installing new track.
  • I introduced polls on WDW Central, which turned out to be a big hit! The polls will never be closed, so feel free to continue to cast your vote.
  • A video was released showing a sneak peak at The American Idol Experience, opening February 12 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
  • The Walt Disney World website got redesigned yet again, this time to a much cleaner, easier, and sleeker look.

So there you have it – a look at the biggest stories in January. Now share your thoughts – do you like this new idea of a monthly review, or not?