Are You 23? A Puzzling Question Indeed

Here is what the Mickey Monitor says about this strange question:

The ultimate Disney trivia question making the rounds right now is “Are you 23?” This intriguing proposal has started popping up all over the place. But if you’re looking for us to provide the answer, think again. To be honest, we’re stumped. But then again, even Dave Smith, head of the legendary Walt Disney Archives couldn’t (or rather wouldn’t) give us a clue. “Yes, I’ll admit the Archives staff has a hand in this,” said Dave with a grin. “But we’re sworn to secrecy until March 10!” Dave promised that the answer is worth the wait and suggested we check it out online in the meantime. So go to and let the countdown begin!

How about let the speculation begin! What do you think this puzzling question refers to? Leave your thoughts in the comments section and tell us your guess.