Link Away: Where in WDW?

Welcome to another edition of Link Away, where I link to another cool Disney related site. In this edition, we link away to Where in WDW – an awesome site by Joel (napnet), the creator of WDW History Wiki.

Where in WDW is a site with tons of photos taken at Walt Disney World – however they aren’t normal photos, they are odd photos of things you wouldn’t even notice – and you have to guess where they were taken. You can create an account (which enables you to be added into the top scores and add your own photos), or you can vote as a guest.

The photos are categorized by levels – easy, medium, hard, very hard, and “only Walt knows”. It’s a great site that helps you get over the fact you’re not in WDW. I know Joel worked pretty hard on this site – and it shows! So go on to Where in WDW, and see how good you know Walt Disney World!