My Thoughts on Stitch’s Great Escape!

I understand that when Stitch’s Great Escape! was opened after the closing of Alien Encounter, it had a lot of negative reviews, full of people hating the attraction. While this post is not going to be all “happy fuzzy bunny like” (as Van would say), it will go against these reviews. Also, before I begin, I think it’s only fair to say that I had never ridden Alien Encounter when it was open.

Point #1: The Pre-show – The pre-show is full of good anamatronics, effects, lighting, ect. It is a great introduction to this attraction and really gives you a feel of what it’s all about. It’s also very well themed and actually makes the storyline somewhat believable.

Point #2: The Stitch Anamatronic – I think that the Stitch anamatronic in the actual show is the best one (or at least the most believable one) Disney has made. While some people say that it’s annoying when Stitch spits on you, I think it’s a very clever effect. I would visit the attraction just to watch this little guy walk around!

Point #3: “Minor” Mistake – Okay, I will admit they made a “minor” (notice the quotes) mistake at the end of the show. Maybe I just don’t understand it: why do they say Stitch lands in Walt Disney World, Florida when that’s where we are in the first place? How could he land in a place he was already at? If somebody gets this, please let me know.

Point #4: I Never Went on AE – Like I mentioned before, I never went to Alien Encounter. Something about being tortured by a loose alien in the dark just never really seemed to attract me. And I never thought it was a “Disney” kind of attraction. Now that they’ve put Stitch in, it just feels more like Disney, and I like that.

So tell us – do I like Stitch because I never went on Alien Encounter? What are your thoughts on Stitch’s Great Escape!? Let us know in the comments now!