The Branding of the What Will You Celebrate?Campaign

It wasn’t until I visited Walt Disney World recently (a couple of weeks ago) for the first time in 2009 that I realized just how much the Walt Disney Company brands their campaign “What Will You Celebrate?” In their other campaigns, I knew they branded them well – with logos, commercials, banners, ect. But in 2009, I think their branding has gone from good to excellent in a few ways.

“What Will You Celebrate?” Logo: The new “What Will You Celebrate?” logo still resembles the old one (Year of a Million Dreams), but at the same time, it looks new and fresh. The mickey baloons are a very nice touch – they are shaped a little differently, just enough to make you look and say, “Oh, that’s cool”.

“Celebrate You” Theme Song: Walt Disney World always has great music – whether it be for a ride, a movie, or even a campaign. The theme song for this year is “Celebrate You”, performed by Corbin Bleu (if I’m not mistaken), and as with most everything Disney, it’s extremely catchy and once you hear it in the park, it’ll have you bouncing to the tune all day.

The Commercials: I don’t really remember the “Year of a Million Dreams” campaign having that many commercials. But on many channels this year, I have seen lots of WDW commercials “giving you something to celebrate”. Just now I saw a commercial saying if you book a 5 day/6 night vacation, you will get the Disney Dining Plan for free. Now that’s pretty good, right there!

My whole point in sharing this with you is because I was really impressed with the way WDW promotes and brands themselves with this new catchy campaign. I like the slogan, the theme song, the commercials, the cool  shaped mickey ballon, but more importantly, the happiness Disney brings me every time I visit the park or see a commercial.

Share your thoughts – what do you think about this campaign? Let us know in the comments now!