“The Pirates League” Special Experience

I must apologize for the slacking I’ve been doing here (and on Twitter) lately. I’ve been so busy, wrapping things up and all. Starting May 19, I’ll be home most of the day, instead of just a few hours. Then I’ll get back to the series posts, and this site might actually start moving!

Back to the news. It seems that Captain Jack is searching for pirates of all ages to become part of the crew of the Black Pearl! Starting June 29, 2009, you can visit their “secret” recruiting center – located in the East India Trading Company’s office in Adventureland of the Magic Kingdom. Once inside the pirates’ secret hideout, kids can get themselves a new identity – a new pirate name, look, and portrait!

There are three packages available, including one for girls as well! All three packages come with a sword, earring, eyepatch, tattoo, coin necklace, and more. Read below for details on the three packages.

FIRST MATE PACKAGE: Includes a reversible bandana, facial effect (cursed pirate, Captain Hook, or Captain Jack), fake teeth, and a 5×7 picture. This package is $49.95 plus tax.

EMPRESS PACKAGE: Includes a reversible bandana, makeup makeover, face gem, nail polish, and a 5×7 picture. This package is also $49.95 plus tax.

CAPTAIN’S PACKAGE: Pirate costume, facial effect (cursed pirate, Captain Hook, or Captain Jack), fake teeth, and three 5×7 pictures. This package is $124.95 plus tax.

There is a brief overview of this new addition to the Magic Kingdom themepark! For more information and details regarding the new experience, click here.

What are your thoughts? Do you like this new idea, or do you think it won’t be popular? Let us know your thoughts in the comments now!