Rumor: New Star Tours Film Coming Soon?

Rumors have always been going around about a “Star Tours 2.0”, a remake of the original Star Tours attraction that has yet to be updated since it’s opening. According to SlashFilm, a “secret” Star Wars filming has been going on for a few days now. They even say that Anthony Daniels (C3PO) will be filming later this week. Since LucasFilm isn’t filming another Star Wars film, a series, or extra scenes, SlashFilm comes to the conclusion that they are updating the Star Tours movie. Who knows if this is true – and if it is, will make it to Walt Disney World, or if it will just be a Disneyland update?

What do you think? Do they need a new Star Tours film? If so, do you think they will bring it to WDW, or just update the [oldest] one in Disneyland? Let us know your thoughts in the comments now! Photo by Shane-o-matic.