How I Deal With Those Horrible Disney Withdrawals

Right now, I should be at Epcot. I should be riding Mission: SPACE or Ellen’s Energy Adventure. What’s wrong with me? I come to you in a depressed state – because that’s really what I would have been doing this second in Walt Disney World, if I didn’t have to move my trip due to the weather.

This got me thinking – what do I do to help me get through those awful Disney withdrawals all fans have? The answer is simple: imagine yourself there. This has always been my cure for the WDW withdrawals I get fairly often. Simply imagine that you are in Walt Disney World, and your sadness is gone, replaced with happiness.

So how do I imagine myself at Walt Disney World? The answer, once again, is fairly simple. There are a few ways I do this, and lucky for me, all these ways are on the computer:

  1. Listen to Music: This is the biggest one for me. We all probably have Disney park CD’s, songs on our iPod, or that favorite online radio station that we go to to listen to Disney theme park audio. This is the best way to cure your illness, because the park music takes you in an instant to the park. It’s incredible what music can do.
  2. Look at Pictures: Here’s another way – look at pictures online (or from your own photo album) of the world. This is simple since the internet has so much content to explore. Try going to Flickr and searching for Walt Disney World, or maybe just your favorite attraction. Whatever you do, pictures of your favorite place will be sure to brighten your day.
  3. Discuss the Magic: When you’re missing Disney, a good remedy is to join in the discussion on a Disney related forum. This lets you “discuss the magic” with other Disney fans – you can meet new friends as well as talk about WDW. This can get your mind off your “withdrawal” and on to having a good time with other fans having the same problem as you!
  4. Use your Imagination: When all else fails, the best thing to do (as insane as you may think it is) think about what you would be doing if you were there. That’s why I made Living in WDW – every so often I say what I would be doing in WDW. It’s because I want to imagine myself there to help with the withdrawals. Maybe I’m crazy or insane or both, who knows.

These are just the things I do – this is how I deal with those Disney withdrawals we fans get from time to time. What is it that you do? How do you cheer yourself up after you get back from a trip, or when you’re forced to move the trip you’ve been looking forward to? I would love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment below!

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