“Top 7 Must Sees” Show Replaced, Keeping Stacey

You know the feeling. You finally arrive to your Walt Disney World Resort hotel, set your luggage down, and flip on the TV. You’re greeted with Stacey, your host for the Walt Disney World “Top Seven Must Sees” show (which is more like 107, right?). You wither get a feeling of happiness, or an annoyed feeling. You either like Stacey or can’t stand her.

I thought the show (while she did act somewhat stupid) was a part of my Disney experience – and for that, I always liked her.

I was surprised when I flipped on my resort television this past weekend. Stacey was still there, but she was in a different show called “Must Do Disney”.

On this new show (same channel and everything), Stacey goes through each park and outlines the “must do” attractions. There are a couple reactions and thoughts I had, and I’ll share those with you right now:

She acts more normal, with just snippets from the old show. For the most part, she acts normal (and is obviously not ad-libbing like she did before). However, if you are a fan of her old, crazy self, then you’re in luck, because as she’s going through the must do’s in each park, they show snippets of her from the old show.

She’s not good at acting normal. Maybe it’s just because I’m used to her the other way. But when I was watching her in the new footage, I thought that she was actually bad at acting normal! I think it’s due to the fact (as mentioned above) that when she acted crazy, she was ad-libbing…and now, she is reading from a script.

I searched, and haven’t found any news sites with this story on them. So if you’re looking for proof, I have none, except for the fact that on her official website, she has “Must Do Disney” listed in her resume.

What’s your opinion? Would you rather have Stacey in the new, less crazy show, or did you like the old show better? If you’ve seen the new show, let us know your opinion now! Photo: Stacey Aswad

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