Monorail Crash at Ticket & Transportation Center, Driver Killed

A tragic monorail accident occurred this morning at 2:00 AM near the station of the Ticket and Transportation Center. According to many sources, monorail Pink crashed into monorail Purple which was for some reason stopped before the station in an unusual location. Austin Wenneberg, 21, was piloting one of the monorails.

Wennenerg died at the scene, while the other driver was taken to the nearby Florida Hospital Celebration, with minor injuries. There were six passengers on board the monorail at the time of the crash, none of which were seriously injured.

All monorail services are suspended temporarily until further notice so an investigation may be done. You must use a bus or ferryboat to travel around the Resort.

WDW Central wants to keep you informed. Here is a collection of photos, videos, and articles all relating to the accident for more information.

Stay tuned to WDW Central, as we will continue to post more updated on this terrible accident as they are announced.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved in this terrible accident.

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