All Monorails Are Officially Back in Operation

The Walt Disney World Monorail System is back in full operation as of 2:00PM this afternoon. Disney cast members received a note this morning that announced this, and also said that additional safety measures have been added to monitor track switches.

It is now clear what was going on at the time of the incident. One monorail was stopped before the Ticket & Transportation Center station waiting to be transfered off the EPCOT track (into a maintenance bay). This is when the collision occured.

“We have completed a thorough safety inspection and system checks to verify that it is safe to operate the monorail for our guests and cast,” Disney said. “We’ve added additional verifications of these track switch positions, supplemented our safety procedures and protocols for these operations, and communicated these changes to our Transportation partners.”

For more information, read the new Orlando Sentinel article.