Disney Fans United: Honoring Austin on Twitter

I honestly believe that the Disney community is one of the best on Twitter. We’re all friends in the happy community, always willing to help each other out, and always ready to make someone’s day a little better.

I was amazed at such a wonderful community effort when @DisneyFrankness suggested that we attempt to make the #Austin hashtag a trending topic, in honor of Austin Wenneberg, the monorail pilot who passed away in the tragic accident involving two monorails colliding.

After almost two days of putting #Austin at the end of all our posts – it worked! #Austin became a trending topic for about two hours. We honored a man who was passionate about his job, ready to help others, and always doing anything to make guests’ trips as magical as he could.

If I remember correctly, I believe I rode up front with Austin once, and I distinctly remember him telling us cool facts regarding the monorails and such. He put a smile on my face, as I’m sure he did for many others. He took pride in his job – something that deserves being honored.

In fact, should we make this an annual tradition? I think every July 5 we should add #Austin to the end of our tweets. Not so much to make him a trending topic, but simply to remember and honor a person who made our visits magical.

THE AUSTIN BADGE. If you would like to honor Austin on your blog, Disney related or not, for the pride he took in his job & smiles he brought to many faces, click here. By Jahfer.

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