New Features: Rating Posts and Comments

WordPress recently released a feature called Ratings. Gee, I wonder what brilliant person came up with that one! Anyways, I decided to enable then for this blog.

As of now, you can rate posts & rate comments. It’s no secret that this blog is in need of some user interaction. Plenty of readers, yes, but not many comments. Maybe you’re too busy – I understand. That’s why I enabled this tool. It’s not hard clicking on a star or a thumbs up button, is it?

Ratings for posts are as you guessed, stars. You can rate the post on a scale of 1 to 5, one being the worst. Please be completely honest in your ratings. If the post was the lamest thing ever, tell me!

Ratings for comments are a bit different. Under each comment is a thumbs up or a thumbs down. No stars. Rate the comment on quality – not if you like the user’s blog. If the comment helps, gives an opinion, or states something useful – give it a thumbs up! If it looks like spam, or simply says “cool” – give it a thumbs down. The number of thumbs up/down will be shown as well.

What do you think? This post is a perfect one to test the rating system. Like the rating system? Give this post high stars! Also feel free to comment and share your opinion that way. Ratings for comments aren’t to “judge” you, simply to build a user community based on the content presented.

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