The (Motionless) Yeti of Expedition Everest

When Expedition Everest of Disney’s Animal Kingdom was being developed and built, I can remember reading about the Yeti. That was the main attraction, so to speak. I can also remember watching the History Channel’s “Modern Marvels” before Everest opened and watching Imagineer Joe Rhode talk about the complexity of the attraction and the Yeti anamatronic.

The first few times I rode Everest (actually until the past few times), the Yeti was pretty realistic. He was huge, he clawed at you, and you only saw him for a brief second. Then, there was some talk on the internet a while back about the Yeti not moving anymore – being stationary. A few months ago I went to Animal Kingdom to get my own opinion of this change. It stinks.

This isn’t new news, I just thought to write an article about it now. If you haven’t been on Everest lacking the Yeti’s motion – you should.

I’m sure you can imagine – you’re at the climax of the attraction – you barely escaped the Yeti as he ripped up the track in front of you, you plummet and somehow get back in the mountain without dying (pretty realistic, right?), then you come face to face with him as he tries to rip you to pieces. Except for the fact that he’s not moving.

The Yeti no longer looks like a sophisticated anamatronic. He looks like a big stuffed animal.

I’ve heard things recently from the Yeti is back moving again full-time to only some days he moves. None of these things are confirmed, though.

Have you seen the motionless Yeti? If so, what did you think of it? Why do you think Disney stopped it from moving? Share your thoughts in the comments now!

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Photos: Joe Shlabotnik, Andy Castro