What’s Your Vacationing Style?

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I’ve been to Walt Disney World lots of times. And I’m sure you have too (why else would you be here?). Anyways, every time I visit WDW, I can see that there are two kinds of vacationers. Sure there can be variations on these two types, but this is the general idea I have gotten.

Hurry up – I Want to Get Everything Done Before We Leave!

I fall in this group. And while sometimes it is impossible to get everything done, I sure do like to try. We’re the people that get to the Magic Kingdom and head straight for a Splash Mountain fastpass. We know (and care about) when certain rides are more crowded, when certain areas are less crowded, and we always can plan around parades/fireworks to get more done when needed.

Let’s Slowly Stroll Through Epcot, then maybe eat and ride a thing or two.

These types of people don’t hurry. They think a vacation should be relaxing – whether they get everything done or not. They sometimes leave the park in the middle of the day to take a nap, swim in the pool, or grab a bite to eat at their resort. While these vacationers do get rides done, they also slowly walk through the parks, look in gift shops, and utilize benches.

Which type are you?

I have presented the two extremes of the two types of vacationers. There are so many variations on this – you could hurry up to get rides done yet still enjoy the resort pool. No way is right or wrong – it’s just a person’s personal preference. What’s your take? What is your vacationing style?

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Photos: seanosh, thislslt2