The 2010 Free Admission Promotion for Disney Parks – Volunteering

Update: The promotion is called “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day”.

A blog post on Touring Plans has announced that the new promotion Disney Parks will use in 2010 for giving out free admission is Volunteering. This replaces the 2009 promotion of coming in free on your birthday.

According to the commercial (video below), beginning in January, if you “give a day of service to a participating organization”, you will get a free one-day ticket to a park! The birthday celebration will end on December 31, 2009, as announced on the Disney website.

As you can see, they are still keeping the “What Will You Celebrate?” slogan. More details and an “official” announcement of this promotion may be announced at 7:30 AM on Good Morning America. This post may be updated (or another post added) later this afternoon with more details.