The Elements of Disney Theming: Introduction

Coming soon to WDW Central is a series titled “The Elements of Disney Theming”, a spinoff of the series “Why Disney World is so Great”. The goal of this fresh new series is to give everyone a new appreciation for the Walt Disney World attractions. Theming is one of the key factors that sets Disney apart, it’s a trademark that gives all the attractions their distinct quality.

Walt Disney envisioned the Parks as a “show” – and anything the guests can see is thought of as the “stage”. In this series we’re going to take a look at what makes the “show” complete – we’ll look at all the detailed elements that come together for each attraction, making the show a believable presentation.

And so the tour begins. We’re going to look at lots of different elements of Disney theming that work together to make the show possible – so stay tuned! The first post will be here in a day or so.

Feedback is welcome, as always. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Whether you hate this series or love it, we want you to comment on every post (but especially this one so we know how we’re starting off) – so don’t be shy, leave a comment now!

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