Cast Members: Does it Spoil the Magic for Them?

As you may or may not know, I am a loyal member of D-CoT: The Disney Community of Tomorrow. One feature of this friendly community is Forums. One of the topics started a while back was “Where would you most like to work in WDW?”. A few posts later, someone mentioned that actually working at WDW might “ruin the magic”.

A few posts after that, TiggerROCKS came up with a reply that I completely agree with. Read his post below:

“First, a lot of you guys are scared to work in the parks because you don’t want
to ‘ruin the magic.’ I say PHOOEY!!  

Guests like people on this site make EXCEPTIONAL Cast Members. You already love it…Yeah, you learn how a few things work… but that means you get to be IN on it. You become part of the magic… which for me, just intensifies my own magical experience.

Of course, I’m one of those ‘How do they DO that?’ kind of guys… But usually, when I find out, knowing the secret makes it 100 times cooler! I’ve worked at all 4 parks and many of the resorts… (Entertainment is global)… Getting to see the inner workings across property made me really appreciate the genius of the Imagineers and front-line CMs who keep this magical monster alive.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. What do you think? Would being a CM ruin the magic, or make it better? I want to hear from CM’s (past/present) is there are any here, as well as everyone else. Share your thoughts!

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