Collection of Ride Breakdowns & Mishaps, from Youtube

I don’t know about you, but I love it when rides at Walt Disney World break down. It just gives me this happy feeling inside, like something that isn’t supposed to happen is. Something that temporarily “ruins” the “show” does – just a little bit, just enough for me to enjoy that. It also gives you more time to enjoy the scene you are in on the ride.

This post is simply a collection of Walt Disney World ride breakdown videos that I have seen on Youtube. They are embedded in this post so you don’t have to keep clicking links back and forth. Enjoy!

Stuck on Soarin’ for 25 Minutes:
Catch a rare glimpse of Soarin’ broken down for a few minutes. Multiple breakdown announcements (one is a prerecorded Patrick). Also see the theater with service lights on, with many shining on the screen.

Riding Dinosaur! with the Lights On:
Here is another rare video, guests getting to ride the entire Dinosaur! attraction with the service lights on, really giving you a new perspective. Very cool to see!

The Land Pavilion’s Fire Alarm:
8 second video showing the chaos that ensues when the fire alarm at The Land Pavilion is accidentally set off.

Firetrucks Driving Through Epcot:
Here you can see guests being roped off as two Reedy Creek fire trucks drive by Innoventions to put out a small electrical fire.

It’s a Small World without the Music:
Lucky, lucky people. Here, “it’s a small world” breaks down and the music stops. See those creepy anamatronic children dancing to nothing.

Haunted Mansion with service lights on:
These folks were stopped in the Graveyard of the Haunted Mansion (Disneyland, sorry) with the service lights on. Two minutes of Heaven for me!

Test Track Breakdown (Surprise, Surprise)
The infamous Test Track’s let’s-go-really-slow-around-all-the-curves-then-break-your-neck-by-starting-fast-again breakdown.

Some might say these videos ruin the magic. For me, they make it even more magical to see even in WDW there might be little problems, yet it amazes me how quick and efficient they are in the long run. What do you think? Which rides have broken down when you’re on them?