Disney Testing Queueless Wait System at DHS

According to TouringPlans on Twitter, Disney is testing a new queue-less waiting system in Walt Disney World. The testing is more specifically happening at Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As seen in the picture below, those participating will simply receive a card that puts you in a “group”.

Now instead of waiting in a long queue to board the ride, participants of this test will wait in a standby area. This area has merchandise, shade, Rock Band, and more. This allows guest to relax in an area rather than waiting in a long line. Guests watch this monitor and when their group is on the screen (or called), it’s time to head to the standby return line, where their wait is much shorter.

They are handing out surveys to guests participating to get feedback. There are obvious pros and cons for waiting in lines vs. waiting in standby areas. Currently my only concern is how professional these waiting areas are. In this picture, showing the Garage Band game, it seems to look sloppy (in my opinion) for a Disney park. Hopefully if they decide to use this permanently, I hope they spruce things up a bit more.

Overall, it looks like another good idea thought of by Disney, but of course we all will have to experience it ourselves to get the whole concept. What do you think? Is this smart of Disney or not? What are the pros and cons? Let me know in the comments!

ALL information and photos by TouringPlans.