One of the Hidden Gems at Epcot: Club Cool

There are many hidden gems in all the Walt Disney World theme parks: places you never noticed before, or always thought “I’ll do that next time”. Unfortunately, these little details and hidden coves can sometimes be of great value.

Take Epcot’s Club Cool, for instance. People have spent the whole day at Epcot – it’s in the middle of the afternoon, everyone is sweating and just dying for some shade. Yet in all of their misery, they seem to always pass up Club Cool. Why? They don’t know what it is, and don’t care to take the time to find out.

Little do they know, inside this building are fountains and fountains of all different carbonated beverages from around the world – just waiting for them – for free, and with unlimited refills. And being in the sun all day, it’s wonderful.

Disney was so smart in the placement of this. It’s in the biggest “intersection” of the whole park for all to enjoy – right at the crossroads of a way into and out of World Showcase, and also Future World.

So next time you visit Epcot, be sure to walk towards that big fountain (can’t miss it) and check out Club Cool. Get some refreshments, relax, cool off, get hydrated – then go back out for your next Disney adventure. What are some of the hidden gems you’ve found? Share with me!

Photos by kathika & zengrrl.