Happy New Year! WDW Central’s Best of 2009

Of course there is no way we can finish this fantastic year without a ‘best of’ post! The articles below are the ones I think were most popular, based on comments, links, retweets, and hits. So let’s ring in the New Year right by taking a look back at the best from 2009. Posts with lots of comments will have the number of comments listed.

  • “UP” Characters at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – For some reason, this post was the post with the most hits this entire year. It has barely any information, yet it gets about 150 views each week. Hmmmm.
  • “Top 7 Must See” Show Replaced, Keeps Stacey – I was one of the first to notice that the “Top 7 Must Sees” show on Resort TV had ended it’s run – and in it’s place “Must Do Disney” with Stacey remaining as host. (24 comments)
  • “Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration” Closes Already – It was announced by Disney that the very unpopular “Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration”, located in the middle of Tomorrowland, would close after almost 1 month of operation.
  • Monorail Crash at TTA, Driver Austin was Killed – Not the news you enjoy reporting – that’s for sure. However this was major news – the biggest news regarding WDW in 2009.
  • Disney Fans Unite: Honoring Austin on Twitter – After the terrible news of Austin’s accident, Disney fans united on Twitter to make #Austin a trending topic in his honor. It was completely successful!
  • Top 5: Scents of Walt Disney World – We took a look at the Top 5 scents in the WDW parks. It turned out everybody else seemed to have this on their mind too! I enjoyed discussing it with you all. (22 comments)
  • What’s Your Vacationing Style? – I discussed the two main types of vacationing styles are (relaxed or rushed) and asked you what your style was. Thanks to some of you for chiming in!
  • The Elements of Disney Theming: Part I – Next we looked at an element of Disney theming – the MUSIC. I talked about parade music, theme music, and how well Disney hides/themes their speakers.
  • Planning Central – Not necessarily a post, but it’s worth mentioning that I opened Planning Central in 2009 and almost 25 in-depth pages were added giving tips, event information, and more to help you plan better vacations.

My Favorite Disney Sites & Blogs of 2009

A ‘Best Of’ post wouldn’t be complete without a few of my favorite Disney sites and blogs of 2009.

  • D-CoT – A jukebox with thousands of songs from Disney Parks and more – just select the song you want, and click play!
  • Main Street Gazette – Ryan taught me a lot this year (without knowing it) about having a posting schedule and sticking to it – and I really enjoyed reading his blog!
  • My Disney Blog – I enjoyed interacting with @DisneyDean on Twitter and reading his blog this year.
  • Disney Food Blog – AJ started this blog in March of 2009 and it grew incredibly fast. It’s a unique blog idea saying that food is a theme park.

There you have it, folks. I found 8 top posts for WDW Central and my 4 favorite Disney sites in 2009.

What were your favorites this year? Let me know in comments what your favorite posts here were, as well as your favorite other Disney blogs!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, from WDW Central!