Disney’s Best and Worst Move in 2009

Every year Disney announces and opens new, exciting things for the Walt Disney World Resort. Many times, attractions refurbished or announcements made are adored by the world of fans. Some times, they’re flops. Since we’re starting a brand new year full of exciting possibilities, let’s take a look at the best and worst move made in WDW during this past year.

WORST MOVE: Opening Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration

In short, this was a stupid idea. I wonder who thought to put in yet another attraction about Stitch – in the middle of Tomorrowland – with shows in the heat of the day – and there being no shade anywhere. Look how excited everyone looks in this picture – and it was so successful it almost lasted a whole month! I think this addition simply added something new – regardless of the quality it didn’t have that we expect from Disney.

BEST MOVE: D23 & It’s Announcing of Fantasyland Expansion

In my opinion, Disney redeemed themselves (somewhat) by announcing the new Fantasyland expansion at a D23 Expo. This brought new and completely unexpected ideas into our head with wonderful pictures. It makes me look forward to moving forward – now because there’s something big in the works that will vastly improve and expand Magic Kingdom and their classic attractions.

What do you think? Were these the best and worst moves in 2009? If not, what were they? Let me know in the comments.