T-Rex & Rainforest Cafes – Paying for Just the Food?

I’ve read and watched lots of people give reviews of Walt Disney World restaurants. Some are good while others are negative. And that’s fine – I don’t expect everyone to like every restaurant, that’s not normal. However there are always two restaurant ‘reviews’ that stick out to me: Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom & Downtown Disney, and T-REX Cafe at Downtown Disney.

Why do these reviews stick out? Simply because in every review, these restaurants get rated somewhat poorly because of two reasons: the price is too expensive, and the food quality isn’t that good. Sure this is totally true (even though T-Rex’s quesadillas are really good) – but I don’t think the food is all you’re paying for at these two dining spots.

I think you’re also paying for the theming experience. Think about it. Would you pay the same amount for a park ticket to Magic Kingdom as it is now even if no rides were themed and all attractions were simply put in a row and inside cement buildings? I wouldn’t.

If these two restaurants had no theming to them, the experience would be dull. No matter how good the food, if there’s no decorations, you’re bored. The food may not be exceptional at these two places, but I think the extraordinary theming work done here completely makes up for it.

Sure other dining places around the World are themed, but these two top everything as far as theming goes. Nothing compares (maybe other than San Angel Inn).

What do you think? I want to know if you think the price at these two places includes theming or not. Also, is the food really that bad? How’s the theming in your opinion? Let me know in the comments!

Photos by Joe Penniston & hyku.