Disney’s Awesome Things #2: Strolling Through an Empty Park

#2Here’s today’s schedule. You walk, wait, and ride. Over and over again. And the excessive crowds squishing and trampling you aren’t helping. After an intense day at the parks, a little breathing room is needed!

But don’t worry, all that hard work will be rewarded because many late nights – even some stretching into the next morning – will be packed with pure crowdless fun.

That’s right, it’s time to skip happily through the empty streets and queues because you’re the only one here. While most other sane people are in beds sleeping, you can ride your favorite attraction ten times in a row, only getting weird looks from the cast members.

Relax and take it all in as you slowly walk listening to the louder-than-normal themed background music echo through the empty pathways.

You’re free to dance, skip, jump, and stretch to your heart’s content because it’s simply awesome to stroll through the park’s empty streets and areas without worrying about other people. Congratulations, you now own the place.

Photo by Communicore82