Why Stitch’s Great Escape is Actually a Good Attraction

WHAT? Yes, you read the title right, this post is all about why Stitch’s Great Escape! is really a perfectly good attraction – despite what the crowd is saying.

Right when fans heard that Alien Encounter was going to be replaced by a tamer, more gentle version with Stitch, people immediately grew cold and turned against the idea. I think Stitch deserves the chance to be accepted. Here’s why it’s not really a bad attraction:

STORY LINE: You have to admit, the story line really isn’t bad at all. It supposedly takes place before the Stitch series and movies, when the Galactic Federation captures Stitch for the first time. Nothing I see here makes me dislike the attraction.

EFFECTS: I’m an effects geek, and this attraction has plenty for me to enjoy. The lighting work is phenomenal. The laser cannons, smoke effects, water effects, and more are all amazing enough to see the show just for that.

ANAMATRONICS: The two anamatronics in the pre-show (make that three) are very life-like. Especially Skippy, are easily frightened robot that gives us the quick lowdown. Also the alien that is transported before our eyes into the tube is very realistic – especially the transition period.

STITCH: Here’s the other anamatronic. Stitch is the most advanced audio-anamatronic ever produced by Walt Disney Imagineering (excluding President Obama). He walks realisticly, moves, talks, and even spits. He’s so lifelike one must wonder whether this is real or not.

THEMING: It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Disney theming. And this attraction has plenty of that. The music, lighting, doors, walls, logos, and details all give a more realistic touch to the Stitch experience.

As you can see, all the elements mentioned above are completely posotive for the attraction. So now tell me – do you like the attraction? Why do people dislike it so much? If I get enough feedback I may make a post full of your comments on why it’s a bad attraction, so be sure to share your thoughts!

Photo by Joe Penniston