Disney’s Awesome Things #3: Jumping in Line Right Before Closing Time

#3Whether you like it or not, Walt Disney World is full of waits. Sure, if you’re an expert of the parks like me you can weasel out of a few ride waits, but there’s no getting around it: we’re stuck in line most of our trip.

Imagine it’s your last day of vacation in the Resort. The whole family is sad (well, at least most of them) and you’re running out of time to do stuff. Sure the park is fairly empty, but what is there to do? You walk towards the exit in a depressed state. But wait, there’s hope!

The park closes at 1:00 AM – what time is it now? Exactly 12:59 AM. Your family now happily runs like maniacs to their favorite ride nearby. Sure you have to get up early the next morning, but who cares? This is a passport to your favorite ride with no wait, no people, no noise, and no crowds.

I’ll let you go – it’s not time to enjoy your last moments in the park.

Photo by Joe Penniston of Splash Mountain’s queue