Disney’s Awesome Things #4: Finding a Valid, Usable Fastpass

#4 Coordinating Fastpasses can be a rough job. After all, you must get the family together, organize all the tickets, and hope you can schedule different attraction times to fit everyone’s schedule. Whew!

After all that hard work – sweat pouring off your face and everything – you look down. You look down and see a piece of paper. What is it?

It’s your ticket to a half-hour journey to bliss away from your family. It’s a Fastpass to some attraction, which means while everyone else eats ice cream at Mrs. Potts, you get to sneak off and ride your last ride for the night.

To the person that dropped this: thank you. I know you’ll miss it, but your Fastpass is in good hands. Now go on and use that wonderful, valid ticket to happieness, okay?

Photo: Cory Disbrow